RELEASE DATE: 13 JULY 1990 / 1990


Although typical 'super heroes' are not nearly as common in Japan as they are in the west, there is no doubting the extraordinary powers of this one. Berabo Man is a strange game - a platformer with underwater shoot 'em up stages (sound familiar? Schbibin Man 2?), but the hero here doesn't just use a gun - instead, his whole body is elastic, so you'll find yourself taking out enemies with extending legs, arms and even neck! Along the way, you'll pick up items from destroyed enemies and some weird floating thing that I'll not even begin to describe. And with a boss at the end of each level, a hero's work is never done.

Berabo Man is a hard game to have a solid opinion of. While the graphics are a bit sketchy and not particularly well drawn, they are also big and there is some impressive full-on parallax scrolling. Also, the gameplay is a bit clunky but at the same time I find it sort of fun, although it can be a little annoying to return to the start of a level after being solidly beaten up by a boss. It's one of those games that, despite looking and playing a bit B-grade, it has a certain indefinable charm to it. This is probably partly down to the inherent Japaneseness of it, as well as the quirky gameplay and sampled speech. Try before you buy, but give it a chance because it isn't as bad as it first may seem.

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CONTINUE: To continue from where you die instead of the start of the level, push and hold RUN + II when you lose your last bit of energy and scream.

INFINITE CONTINUES: Play the game until you have EXACTLY 10,000 points, then die and go to the title screen. Press UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, II, SELECT, II, SELECT. You will hear a confirmation noise.

BOSS BATTLE MODE: To play any of the bosses, repeatedly tap II, SELECT, II, SELECT etc on the title screen. You don't have to do it very fast, just with a regular rhythm.





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