A tie-in from the 1991 movie, The Addams Family casts you as the crooked family attorney, Tully Alford, whose aim is to find his way into the Addams' family vault and claim all the treasures within. You start off outside the Addams' residence, and have to make your way into the house, avoiding the exploding golf balls that Gomez is hitting at you, as well as crossing a moat (funny, I don't remember that bit in the movie). Once inside, and after an overlong fight with Fester, you get into the house proper.

Inside the house, the hallway area acts as the 'hub' of the game. There are many doors, each with a coloured jewel in them. As you progress, you obtain keys that match the jewel colours and allow you access to new rooms. The rooms vary from harmless ghost rooms to mini 'levels' or boss rooms. Included in the line-up is a room with a fast moving train, a conservatory with carnivorous plants and insects and the various rooms of the family members. In certain rooms, you can obtain jewels (points) or even power-ups that increase the shot power from your umbrella (yes, you fire bolts from your umbrella just like any decent attorney would), or transform you into a wolf-man.

This movie-game is exactly what I would have expected from a western company at the time. It's dreadful. The backgrounds are nothing special, the sprites are basic and unappealing and the 'music' or ambient sound is all sampled and not even played from the CD. The gameplay itself is shallow, with tedious and poorly designed attack patterns, and it just feels like there is so little of any substance here that it just isn't worth your time. While the idea of progression by unlocking doors is fairly sound, the action in the rooms is so brief that you'll be crying out for something with a lot more meat on its bones. Movie tie-ins are not known for their quality and The Addams Family reinforces the stereotype very well indeed.

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To knock your life meter up to 79, push UP, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP when Gomez is talking at the start of the game (when he's hitting golf balls at you).




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